Arts and Crafts Guest House


Private Residence


Summer 2015



This stunning guest house is a warm and inviting space crafted out of the most beautiful materials.
Nestled on a hillside in Lancaster Pennsylvania, this private residence emobdies authenticity of materials and attention to detail. Every square inch of space throughout the 1600 square foot guest house was labored over.

The project timeline meant that some creative solutions had to be implimented in order to hit the client's target date. The coutertops, for example, ended up being custom cast and colored concrete in lieu of real two in thick stone. The color and texture are unique and add yet another layer of detail to the space.
As a guest house it was imperative for the client that it maintain similar characteristics to the main house. Therefore, a careful slection of blue stone, slate, cork, split rock, and american cherry was made.


Interior Design

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