Rock Lititz Studio


Rock Lititz


Summer 2014


The Rock Lititz Studio is a one of a kind rehersal facility that serves the entertainmetn industry.
The studio itself has the ability to house full production rehersals and accomodate artists and crew. A wide range of flexible spaces allows production teams to customize the room layouts to meet their needs.

While a majority of the spaces are flexibile, the more dedicated spces have a life of their own. Artist dressing rooms feature calming color pallets and reclaimed wood feature walls to give the spaces a more intimate feel. In the mess hall, a wall covered in graffiti done by a local artist highilghts the space.
One of the challenges in creating such a unique space was working within a strict budget. We had to get creative in our solutions to enhance the spaces and achieve the creative vision. We chose to turn to local artists to help us with everything from customized furniture to the art and murals throughout the space. The original design referenced a shipping container in the mess hall but we ended up using left over siding form the buildign to get close to the textured look.


Interior Deesign

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